Concrete is one of the most important construction materials of our time.

Concrete is produced from a mixture of aggregates, water and cement. By using customized mix designs and additives that regulate the setting times and other properties, concrete with very different characteristics are produced.

Computer-controlled ready-mixed concrete plants and continual quality controls guarantee the consistent quality of the concrete from Alas Baustoff-Holding.

Our conveniently located stationary concrete mixing plants ensure short transportation distances and security of delivery. Large construction sites can be supplied with concrete directly on-site by way of mobile concrete mixing plants.

The experts at Alas Baustoff-Holding gained many years of experience as producers of concrete within the Asamer Holding. Their expertise is a result of innumerable construction sites from Middle and Eastern Europe to the Arabian Peninsula.

“The experts of ALAS Baustoff-Holding provide long lasting experience as concrete producer on several fields.”